Turkcell Global Bilgi

Turkcell Global Bilgi founded in 1999 as Group Company of Turkcell has been rendering service with more than 12-thousand employee and 8-thousand desk capacity in 18 different locations consisted of 14 in Turkey and 4 in Ukraine.

Besides its vast experience in telecommunication sector, Turkcell Global Bilgi also renders service with expertise and broad customer portfolio at public, finance, energy, retail sectors. It creates value in customer services, new customer gaining, tele-sales, technical support, customer retention and loyalty, collection, enhancing customer value, customer information management and analysis areas with its customer experience-oriented sectoral solutions.

As APRO, our hyper-converged project which we have completed with one of the biggest Call Center service providers, Turkcell Global Bilgi has been selected as the Best Hyper-converged Project of 2018 by VMware Global.

Proje Detayı

Proje Adı : Hyperconverged Projesi

Kategori : Hyperconverged

Firma : Turkcell

Başlangıç Tarihi : 2021